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Delaware County Court

Delaware County Court
3 Court Street, Delhi NY 13753
Phone: 607-746-2131

Town, Village, and Justice Courts

Andes Town Court
580 Main Street, PO Box 335, Andes NY 13731
Phone: 845-676-3550

Bovina Town Court
PO Box 1, Bovina Center NY 13740
Phone: 607-832-4500

Colchester Town Court
72 Tannery Road, PO Box 464, Downsville NY 13755
Phone: 607-363-7928 or 607-498-5774

Davenport Town Court
PO Box 131, Davenport Center NY 13751
Phone: 607-278-5105

Delhi Town Court
5 Elm Street, Delhi NY 13753
Phone: 607-746-7278

Deposit Town Court
3 Elm Street, Deposit NY 13754
Phone: 607-467-3233

Deposit Village Court
146 Front Street, Deposit NY 13754
Phone: 607-467-4240

Franklin Town Court
PO Box 941, Franklin, NY 13775
Phone: 607-829-3431

Hamden Town Court
PO Box 37, Hamden NY 13782
Phone: 607-746-6660

Hancock Town Court
661 West Main Street, Hancock NY 13783
Phone: 607-637-3650

Hancock Village Court
85 East Front Street, Rear, Hancock NY 13783
Phone: 607-637-5789

Harpersfield Town Court
25399 State Highway 23, Harpersfield NY 13786
Phone: 607-652-5060

Kortright Town Court
51702 State Highway 10, PO Box 6, Bloomville NY 13739
Phone: 607-538-9319

Masonville Town Court
Route 206, PO Box 63, Masonville NY 13804
Phone: 607-265-9249

Meredith Town Court
4247 Turnpike Road, PO Box 116, Meridale NY 13806
Phone: 607-746-2431

Middletown Town Court
Town Hall: 42339 State Hwy 28, Margaretville NY 12455
Justice George: PO Box 552, Margaretville NY 12455
Phone: 845-586-2575
Justice Rosa: PO Box 839, Margaretville NY 12455
Phone: 845-586-3022

Roxbury Town Court
60933 State Hwy 30, PO Box 381, Grand Gorge NY 12434
Phone: 607-588-7507

Sidney Town Court
21 Liberty Street, Civic Center, Sidney NY 13838
Phone: 607-561-2309

Sidney Village Court
21 Liberty Street, Civic Center, Sidney NY 13838
Phone: 607-561-2309

Stamford Town Court
101 Maple, PO Box M, Hobart NY 13788
Phone: 607-538-1825

Stamford Village Court
84 Main Street, Stamford NY 12167
Phone: 607-652-2804

Tompkins Town Court
148 Bridge Street, PO Box 78, Trout Creek NY 13847
Phone: 607-865-4949

Walton Town Court
129 North Street, Walton NY 13856
Phone: 607-865-5182

Walton Village Court
21 North Street, PO Box 27, Walton NY 13856
Phone: 607-865-6150

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