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Lewis County Court

Lewis County Court
7660 North State Street, Lowville NY 13367
Phone: 315-376-5380

Town, Village, and Justice Courts

Croghan Town Court
Street: 9882 Route 126, Beaver Falls NY 13305
Mailing: PO Box 532, Croghan NY 13327
Phone: 315-346-1212 ext 2

Denmark Town Court
3707 Roberts Rd, Carthage NY 13619
Phone: 315-493-1302, x3

Diana Town Court
5959 Old State Road Extension, PO Box 460, Harrisville NY 13648
Phone: 315-543-2315

Greig Town Court
Street: 5186 Greig Road, Greig NY 13345
Mailing: PO Box 56, Glenfield NY 13343
Phone: 315-348-8762

Harrisburg Town Court
7886 Cobb Road, Copenhagen NY 13626
Phone: 315-688-4193

Lewis Town Court
1046 State Route 26, PO Box 81, West Leyden NY 13489
Phone: 315-942-2371

Leyden Town Court
3514 Mechanic Street, Port Leyden New York 13433
Phone: 315-348-4350

Lowville Town Court
5533 Bostwick Street, Lowville NY 13367
Phone: 315-376-8070

Lowville Village Court
5535 Bostwick Street, Lowville NY 13367
Phone: 315-376-2834

Lyonsdale Town Court
7158 Galarneau Road, Port Leyden NY 13433
Phone: 315-348-8666

Martinsburg Town Court
6105 Glendale Road, Martinsburg NY 13404
Phone: 315-377-3099

Montague Town Court
6353 Salmon River Road, Lowville NY 13367
Phone: 315-376-7810 (Town Hall)

New Bremen Town Court
8420 State Route 812, Lowville NY 13367
Phone: 315-376-3752

Osceola Town Court
1426 Osceola Road, PO Box 210, Camden NY 13316
Phone: 315-599-8891

Pinckney Town Court
307 State Route 177, Barnes Corners NY 13626
Phone: 315-688-2076 (Town Hall)

Port Leyden Village Court
3514 Mechanic Street, Port Leyden New York 13433
Phone: 315-348-4350

Turin Town Court
6312 East Main Street, PO Box 69, Turin NY 13473
Phone: 315-348-6073

Watson Town Court
6971 Number 4 Road, Lowville NY 13367
Phone: 315-376-8132

West Turin Town Court
4059 Cherry Street, PO Box 703, Lyons Falls NY 13368
Phone: 315-397-2786

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